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Regular Manicure $28
- Basic manicure treatment includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle care, hand massage, and your choice of regular polish. Last up to 1 week.
Gel Manicure $40
- The regular manicure plus Gel (non-chip) polish application. Dry immediately. Last up to 2 weeks.

Dry and neglected hands?
Optional Deluxe manicure treatment (sugar scrubs, mask with towel, premium lotions) with any manicure for an additional $10


Classic Pedicure $42
Relax and enjoy a warm soak for your feet. Follow with nails shaped, cuticles care. Sugar scrubs exfoliation and light callus removal. Massage with oil. Finish with a hot towel and your choice of regular polish.
Deluxe Pedicure $59
Dual ingredient therapy, pedi in a box that includes natural proven effective ingredients. When applied directly to the skin the health and beauty benefits can be maximized. Fight off damage and promote healthy skin.
1. Hydrating Soak
2. Exfoliating Scrub
3. Heavy Callus Removal
4. Repair Mask
5. Massage with Hot Stone
Premium Pedicure with Collagen Therapy Socks $74
- Includes all of the above, this ultimate pedicure will be combined with essence collagen therapy socks to deliver an intensive foot treatment. Socks are infused with collagen, oil, and shea butter; a perfect remedy for dry, neglected feet.
For deluxe pedicures please pick a choice of scent. All sea salt, sugar scrubs, mask, and massage cream will be in that particular scent.
Relax the body and mind with the calming scent of fresh lavender
Green Tea
Refresh with rich green tea extract for deep hydration
Recharge with pomegranate for age-defying rejuvenation
Renew the body and mind with the fragrant aroma of jasmine
Rejuvenate the body with rich vitamins for an instant glow
Milk & Honey
Moisturing Anti-Aging
Honeydew & Cucumber
Replenishes Hydration Prevents Skin Damage
Prickly Pear & Orange
Reproduce Collagen Skin Repair
Optional Gel Polish with any pedicure service for an additional $15
Gel Polish is recommended because it is non-chip, dries immediately, and lasts well
Complimentary beverages: Water, Coke, Diet Coke, 7up, Root Beer, Sunkist Orange Soda, Honest Organic Juice Box

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

- You will pick a color powder for your nails. The dipping powder contains Vitamins and Calcium that promotes healthier and stronger nails. More durable and last up to 3 weeks.
Thin or brittle nails? Need an extra layer of powder to protect your nails but not a fan of acrylics? No fill in required. Soaks off the same way as Gel Polish! Try it? If you don't like it, you can always try something else?
Dip powder on natural nails $52 +
Dip powder with extensions $57 +
Nails Extension (Gel Acrylic Powder)

Nails Extension (Gel Acrylic Powder)

A fan of long nails? Designs? Extra protections? Planning to wear your nails for a longer period? Fill-in required every 2.5 weeks; Cost-effective
Full sets extension with Gel polish $58 +
Fills In with Gel polish $48 +
Ombre/Chrome/Designs $10 +
Additional Services

Additional Services

French tips $7
Specialty Shapes/Additional Length $5 +
Nail Repair (can be waived if services was here) $5 +
Removal without additional services (includes reshaping)
Gel/Dipping $10 +
Acrylic Powder $15 +
Children (11 years old and under)

Children (11 years old and under)

(Includes free designs)
Regular Polish Change $15 Each
Regular Polish Change Feet & Hands $25
Regular Polish Pedicure $32
Gel Polish Pedicure $41